Subdivision Surveys

Subdivision Surveys are typically conducted to indicate the exact position and exterior boundaries of individual lots being divided within a main tract of land, followed by a topographic survey, subdivision design and interior layout.

Similar to construction surveys, there are a wide range of surveys that fall under the subdivision umbrella.

Relatively simple Plats of Survey are conducted for single splits of property.

Preliminary and Final Plats provide layouts and dimensions of individual lots, common ground and other features associated with splitting and conveying parcels of land for development.

More detailed surveys are required for large multi-lot subdivisions, encompassing more extensive planning, topographic details, establishment of the perimeter, layout and drafting, and development-stage staking. These surveys are the guideposts for the creation of good building sites, effective street layout, proper utility layout and high-functioning drainage. Additionally, meticulous surveys allow for accurate layouts to ultimately ensure ease and properly constructed improvements in the future.

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