Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Texas Professional Surveying different?

Texas Professional Surveying is locally owned and operated. Our President and owner, Jerrod Harrell, has deep roots in Montgomery County, where he has always lived and worked. Jerrod and his employee teams recognize that no two pieces of property are the same, and every project has unique components and issues that must be carefully addressed. Behind every project and client engagement are three key attributes — quality, service and efficiency — and Texas Professional Surveying has an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.

When is a Texas Land Survey required?

Surveys are required for a wide range of scenarios:

  • When you purchase land – to protect your investment and ensure the boundaries
  • When you sell land – to ensure you sell the intended part or whole of the property
  • When land is not clearly defined by a plat or description
  • Before land is divided by deed, will or court order
  • When required by a lending institution
  • Before constructing improvements – fences, driveways or buildings, among others – near a property line
  • When a parcel of land is to be conveyed from a larger tract
  • Before timber is cut near a boundary line
  • When purchasing title insurance
  • When a property line or corner location is in dispute or unknown
  • When you believe your land is being encroached or intruded upon
  • When purchasing flood insurance
What is the cost for a land survey?

Survey costs vary and are tied to a number of factors:

  • Type of land being surveyed
  • Personnel and equipment required to conduct the survey
  • Accessibility to the property
  • Existence of fences
  • Buildings and other structures on the property
  • Terrain and vegetation
  • Weather and seasonal issues
  • Size and shape of the survey area
  • Type and clarity of descriptions
  • Number of unknown corners
  • Property line disputes
  • Whether the land surveyor has conducted other surveys in the area
What services are generally provided by professional land surveyors?

Expertise varies by surveyor and surveying company. The expertise of our Texas Professional Surveying team is extensive, and all work is performed in accordance with United States surveying laws and practices, as well as state, county and municipal laws and regulations. Our services are performed with accuracy and sensitivity to time and budget requirements as we:

  • Advise on whether is a survey is actually needed
  • Examine the deeds and land of both our client and adjacent landowners to identify problems or issues
  • Identify, mark and paint all boundary lines
  • Conduct the appropriate type of survey or service
    • Large acreage and boundary survey
    • Land title survey
    • Residential lot and subdivision survey
    • Commercial and municipal property survey
    • Topographic and boundary survey
    • Roadway survey
    • Utility survey
    • Telecommunications survey
    • Mortgage survey
    • Subdivision platting
    • Survey for court cases and legal issues (?)
    • Survey for Flood Plain Determination (LOMR & LOMA)
    • Elevation certificate
    • Construction staking
    • Geodetic control
    • Computer-aided drafting (CAD)
  • Identify oil and gas lines and wells
  • Identify buildings, fences, rights of way, easements, evidence of possession and encroachments
  • Advise your attorney, title insurance company, realtor, broker, banker, engineer, architect or other appropriate professional service provider
  • Appear in court as an expert witness
Are there things I should provide before a survey is conducted?

You can potentially save money by eliminating time and expenses on the surveyor’s part by providing information and documents in advance of a survey:

  • Purpose of the survey
  • A brief history of ownership and previous conveyances
  • A copy of the deed, or the book and page number where the deed is recorded in the county clerk’s office
  • Survey plats
  • The location of and any disagreements about corners and property lines
  • Names and addresses of adjacent landowners
  • A copy of all title examination notes

If circumstances allow, it can also be beneficial for you to visit the site with the surveyor. And, as in any professional services engagement, it’s important to agree on who is responsible for payment, as well as the estimated cost and payment terms.

What is Texas Professional Surveying’s service area?

Texas Professional Surveying services counties across northwest Houston — Montgomery County, Grimes County, Liberty County, Polk County, San Jacinto County, Waller County and Walker County  — which includes these communities: Conroe, Cleveland, Willis, Huntsville, Spring and The Woodlands.

Our focus is on client service.
We strive to ensure complete satisfaction.